CTI supports successful execution of RapidX 18.2

July 2018

CTI provided key coordination and support for successful execution of the RapidX 18.2 event sponsored by NAVAIR and the USMC. This event focused on training and rapid development on the Raptor and Tactical Assault Kit (TAK) platforms and resulted in the rapid development of new cyber, Electronic Warfare (EW), and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) capabilities for the special and conventional warfighter. CTI looks forward to participating in the RapidX 18.3 event to be held in late August as well.

CTI provides Sensor Integration and CEMA Toolset to CyberQuest 2018

June 2018

CTI once again provided the core architecture and the primary Cyber/Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA) operator’s display for the CyberQuest series of experiments at the Cyber Center of Excellence (CCOE) at Fort Gordon, GA. CTI aided in the integration of a wide array of cyber and EW sensor systems, provided integration between the echelons represented at the experiment, and helped CEMA operators plan, act, and assess CEMA actions across the experimental battlespace. CyberQuest 2018 is the third iteration of this successful event.

CTI Speaks at AFCEA C4I and Cyber Technology Symposium

June 2018

CTI’s CEO/CTO Dustan Hellwig spoke at the recent AFCEA C4I and Cyber Technology Symposium hosted by the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) from Rome, NY and the Erie Canal Chapter of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA). This symposium was held in Utica, NY and consisted of briefs from the various Core Technical Competency (CTC) leads from AFRL as well as a number of industry, academia, and government experts in those various competencies. More information can be found here.

CTI to speak at AOC EW Europe Conference

June 2018

CTI’s CEO/CTO, Mr. Dustan Hellwig, will be speaking at the upcoming AOC EW Europe conference in Lausenne, Switzerland.  The conference theme is “Shaping the Future of EW & Electromagnetic Operations in a Complex World”.  Mr. Hellwig’s brief, titled “Electromagnetic Maneuver in a Multi-National Electromagnetic Operating Environment”, will be delivered on Thursday, 07 June.  For more information on the conference and the agenda see

CTI supporting CyberQuest 2018 Experiment

June 2018

CTI will once again be supporting the CyberQuest series of experiments with its Thunderstorm “integration fabric” and its Caper CEMA Planning, Execution, and Review capabilities.  CTI is working with numerous EW vendors and systems to incorporate their capabilities into a seamless tactical EW operating environment.

CTI supports 25ID and 101st Airborne at JRTC

June 2018

CTI provided its Caper (CEMA Advanced Planning, Execution, and Review) and Thunderstorm “integration fabric” capabilities to both the 25th Infantry Division and the 101st Airborne at their recent Joint Readiness Training Center rotations.  CTI integrated with EW system vendors such as LGS and DRT to provide unprecedented EW capabilities to these tactical units.

CTI participates in Trident Spectre

June 2018

Once again, CTI participated at the recent Trident Spectre experiment held near Virginia Beach, VA.  CTI provided “Raptor Suite” integration development and support for a variety of participants and also showcased a number of new and relevant Raptor-based capabilities from across the Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Electronic Warfare (EW), special communications, and other Special Operations-focused plug-ins and applications.

CTI participates in Vigilant Hammer 3

June 2018

CTI participated in the third Vigilant Hammer experiment hosted recently by the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD).  At this event, CTI showcased its “Ampere” Electromagnetic Battle Management (EMBM) suite of capabilities incorporating spectrum situation awareness, automated course of action (COA) generation, and remote sensor data ingest and command and control (C2).  CTI’s capabilities represent the state-of-the-art in operational and tactical EMBM capabilities across the Department.


December 2017

CTI partnered with Vadum, Inc. – – on execution of an OSD funded Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF) program in collaboration with the U.S. Army’s PM Electronic Warfare and Cyber (EW&C) which includes the enhancement of its Thunderstorm capability set that provides for tactical interoperability; operations over disadvantaged, intermittent, and low-bandwidth (DIL) networks; and the hosting of tactical analytics such as those developed by Vadum in support of Army tactical operations.


September 2017

CTI to participate in RapidX Event in San Diego

CTI will be participating in the inaugural RapidX event held in San Diego, CA in October. This SOCOM-sponsored “Rapid Integration Exercise” is intended to provide a crash course in development for the Raptor Suite of capabilities which will then be used for rapid integration focused on USSOCOM goals and needs.

CTI to speak at 6th Annual AOC Pacific Conference